Treevana looks to become part of Montclair’s thriving downtown business district, selecting the 6,000 square foot historic Chase bank building on Bloomfield Avenue as the company’s proposed location.

About Treevana Retail New Jersey - Montclair

Treevana Retail is a platform that provides safe access to the highest quality cannabis products. The Company is pleased to be considered as an applicant for an adult use cannabis dispensing license in beautiful Montclair, New Jersey.
Montclair has become a Mecca for those interested in living close to New York City, but who enjoy the suburban speed of life. With hundreds of acres of park land and more than a 100 restaurants in town, Montclair is an ideal combination of natural beauty and urban sophistication, particularly in it’s well developed downtown.
Setting The Montclair Standard

Treevana believes that state-of-the-art cannabis deserves state-of-the-art distribution

That is why the company’s Bloomfield Avenue facility has been designed by industry experts to ensure an unparalleled customer experience and state of the art security. At its proposed downtown location, Treevana seeks to help raise the bar for the way customers shop for and buy cannabis.
Treevana’s mission is to provide the residents of Montclair with unparalleled quality service, integrity, and products they can trust. The company’s executive team includes not only long-time Montclair residents, but also a team of industry experts with passion and experience, to ensure that the products provided by Treevana are the safest and most effective on the market.
At the community level, Treevana has spent a significant amount of time engaging with the local community and community organizations to ensure it has adapted to meet both the community needs and needs of disadvantaged residents.

Open Letter to Montclair Residents and Authorities – Treevana Retail New Jersey LLC

Dear Montclair Residents and Authorities,
As a proud resident of Montclair for over 29 years, an active member of various community organizations, and a dedicated participant in numerous community service initiatives, I am writing this open letter to share my enthusiasm and commitment to bringing Treevana Retail New Jersey LLC (“Treevana”) to our vibrant community. Treevana is a cannabis retail company that seeks to improve the state's economy and contribute positively to the communities it serves.
Throughout my years of service to Montclair, I have had the privilege to serve on the following community organizations:
    Montclair Economic Development Corporation: Board of Trustees, Business Award 2008
    Montclair Health Advisory Board: Member
    Head Start Health Advisory Board: Member
    Montclair Chamber of Commerce: Member
    Montclair Post Office Community Advisory Board: Member
    Montclair Master Plan Committee: Member
    Montclair South End Business District Association: District Leader
    Montclair Film Festival: Board of Trustee, Diversity Committee Co-Chair
Drawing from these experiences, I am honored to help lead the initiative of the Treevana team in Montclair, where we aim to provide safe access to high-quality cannabis products while creating job opportunities for local residents, donating to local charities, and participating in community outreach activities. Our proposed location at the historic Chase bank building on Bloomfield Avenue has been carefully chosen and designed to ensure a state-of-the-art customer experience and security.
To give you a better understanding of our vision, we have provided a rendering of the proposed location, showcasing the stunning transformation of the historic building and demonstrating our commitment to preserving Montclair's architectural heritage while integrating modern and sophisticated elements.
In our mission to serve Montclair's diverse residents, we have engaged with the local community and organizations to adapt our services accordingly. Our commitments include contributing funds to the Urban League of Essex County, the Montdloagjgclair Film Festival's renovation of the Clairidge Theater, and The Montclair Foundation. These partnerships reflect our dedication to supporting minority and disadvantaged residents, fostering economic empowerment, and enriching the cultural landscape of Montclair.
We are honored to have received letters of support from various organizations, including the Montclair Center Bid, Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation, the Department of the Air Force, United States Space Force, the United States Marine Corps, Veterans for Cannabis, and Holistic Hope. This backing strengthens our belief in the positive impact that Treevana can bring to the Montclair community.
In conclusion, I am confident that Treevana, with my assistance in helping lead the local initiative, will exceed the expectations of the Township of Montclair in its adult-use cannabis program. We eagerly await the opportunity to join the community and serve its residents with unparalleled service, integrity, and products they can trust. Thank you for considering our proposal, and I look forward to the possibility of contributing to Montclair's continued growth and success as part of the Treevana team.

Dr. Frank Barnes Jr.
Director of Business Development | Member
Treevana Retail New Jersey LLC

"Treevana Will Exceed Expectations"

"I am confident that Treevana, with my assistance in helping lead the local initiative, will exceed the expectations of the Township of Montclair in its adult-use cannabis program."
Dr. Frank Barnes Jr, 29+ Year Montclair Resident

"Commitment To Our Community"

"...impressed at the site that was chosen to operate from, as the Historic Chase Bank Building is one of our flagship properties. I would also like to commend you for engaging with our local Community Organizations insuring interactions for those less fortunate residents. By this, you have demonstrated a commitment to our community beyond your base level requirements."
Exec. Director of The Montclair Center Bid

"Proven Track Record"

"By being the best in service and support for the community at large. They have a proven track record and have identified and secured the historic Chase Bank Building to operate from. While also engaging with our local community organizations to insure interaction for those less  fortunate residents in need."
Exec. Director Montclair Neighborhood Dev Corp.
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